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Steve Kyriopoulos, Trainer


- Certified by the Olympic Boxe Federation

- CPR and First Aid



- Trained by Russ Amber from 1988 to 2000

- Sparring partner of Otis Grant, Hercules Kyvelos, Howard Grant and other professional boxers

- 8 Triathlons and 6 Duathlons

- More than 22 years of experience in boxing



- Punching Power technique (style of Power Boxing, Ex: «Sugar» Shane Mosley)

- Counter Punching

- Right hand boxer VS left hand boxer

- Punches from different angles (Mexican technique, Counter Punching style, Ex : Juan Manuel Marquez)

- Punch accuracy

- Punch strenght

- Endurance and coordination training


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T (514) 273-3003


Located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal's Little Italy neighborhood, Kardiologik is a 2 story luxurious gym and physical training centre of over 15 000 sq. ft. that offers physical training courses and other fitness-related activities. Each Kardiologik instructor and trainer has followed a First Aid and CPR certification from a reputable organization. Kardiologik instructors and trainers also specialize in individual and group training and have been certified by recognized organizations. Kardiologik fitness centre recommends using private training services if you need to motivate yourself, to review your physical training program or if you need to customize your training routine. The centre therefore has certified private trainers available to its clients. Our large physical training rooms include a complete line of Atlantis training equipment, treadmills, cardio-vascular machines, individual showers, sauna, steam baths and so much more, to serve you better!