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Corporate program

Would you like to have motivated employees who are satisfied with their job and their work conditions?
Do you know that it is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays to find time for ourselves and that it is necessary to be physically active in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Read the following information on the benefits of staying in shape through the workplace and what our center proposes in order for your work environment to become motivating and satisfying for your employees. You will be convinced that this is what you need for your business.


The medical community has said for years that physical activity is the best “remedy” against aging.


62% of Quebecers are not regularly involved in any physical activity in order for them to gain any benefits.


15 millions of Canadians spend half of their waking hours at work.  It is therefore essential that we find ways to increase physical activity through the workplace.


The physically active population in Canada is aging.  Employer benefits and absenteeism will probably increase if older employees do not increase their level of physical activity.


Employees across the country in numerous studies have stated that physical activity is one of the ways to reduce stress.


Studies have shown that employer costs tend to increase for companies whose employees are physically inactive, due to these reasons:

-        Increase of cost of employee benefits;

-        Reduced productivity;

-        Reduced employee work satisfaction;

-        Increase absenteeism;

-        Increased premiums due to more short and long term disabilities;

-        Increased levels of compensation to employees.


Fatigue, inattention, accidents and reduced productivity are more common when employees are inactive:

-        Almost 35% of all work accident compensation is related to back injuries.

-        Studies have also shown that employees who are physically active miss work less frequently, are less involved in work related accidents, are better able to cope with stress and rare more satisfied with their jobs than physically inactive employees.


Absenteeism due to mental issues presently represent 41% of all reported absenteeism.  It has become the leading cause surpassing even back problems.


The benefits of being physically active have numerous positive effects in combating mental health issues.  When an individual is physically active three times per week, at interval of 20 to 60 minute per session, the work out over time allows the individual to develop a more positive image and more self confidence.  More and more employees who are physically active enjoy a better moral and are able to cope with stress.  Physical activity also improved cognitive skills such as concentration, attention, memory and judgment.



-        Studies have shown a 70% in absenteeism drop within companies who have implemented physical activity programs for their employees at work or through the employer.

-        Whatever the profitability or costs associated, the employer has by far more to gain in encouraging a more active lifestyle for their employees. Whenever employees are more physically active, disability, health and safety issues, including sick days for stress related issues are greatly reduced.

-        Moreover, a satisfied and happy employee is more loyal to the employer, which helps the employer reduce his turnover rate.  This means that costs associated with the hiring and training of new employees is reduced due to the loyalty of existing trained staff within the company.

-        Offering employees physical activity benefits through their employer is seen as a very appreciable benefit by them and also helps attract new and talented employees.

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Located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal's Little Italy neighborhood, Kardiologik is a 2 story luxurious gym and physical training centre of over 15 000 sq. ft. that offers physical training courses and other fitness-related activities. Each Kardiologik instructor and trainer has followed a First Aid and CPR certification from a reputable organization. Kardiologik instructors and trainers also specialize in individual and group training and have been certified by recognized organizations. Kardiologik fitness centre recommends using private training services if you need to motivate yourself, to review your physical training program or if you need to customize your training routine. The centre therefore has certified private trainers available to its clients. Our large physical training rooms include a complete line of Atlantis training equipment, treadmills, cardio-vascular machines, individual showers, sauna, steam baths and so much more, to serve you better!